Hooray for Grandma’s Retirement!

I sort of feel like I’ve been on vacation this week because Grandma has been in town and assuming much of my child-rearing responsibilities – namely putting Olin down for naps and at bedtime, which is practically a full-time job in and of itself these days.

We loved having Grandma around and are looking forward to more visits now that she doesn’t have that pesky job of hers!

We didn’t do a whole lot this week, but rather enjoyed Grandma’s company and spent a fair amount of time relaxing at home.

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We did make it to the playground one morning, which was also Odette’s first time there as an official walker.

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And channeled our inner Picasso’s with some sidewalk chalk that we bought while shopping in Bethesda the day before.

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Olin loved it and it was a good thing Grandma was here to keep drawing with him because shortly after we began, Odette fell on the bricks and scraped her knee (her first scrape!) so I had to take her inside to fix her up.  We had only one band-aid in the house because Olin goes through them at an incredible rate these days – I mean, even tummy aches warrant a band-aid.  And that one band-aid was a not-so-girly Purdue football (just for you, Matt), which I tried to get a photo of, but with this little walker it’s a challenge getting her to hold still.  After the fall, she enjoyed the rest of the sidewalk chalk fun as on observer from her bedroom window that overlooks our driveway.  Oh, and all those pretty chalk drawings were washed away by a passing shower a mere 10 minutes later… poor Olin was so disappointed.

40 (2)40 (3)44

Thanks for coming, Grandma!  We love you so much and miss you already!  And Papa, we missed you and are looking forward to your retirement someday so that you can join Grandma on these visits!

P.S. It’s been a rough couple of days with Mr. Olin and I have started to feel desperate to go back to any job that will take me just to get out of the house.  But tonight, just now, in spite of all of our difficulties yesterday and today, he told me I was his best friend, which made my heart melt.  And then, immediately afterward, when getting ready to put her into her bed, our sweet little Odette gave me the biggest squeezes (she gives the world’s best hugs) and then got into a bit of a giggle fit (snorts and all) with me.  And well, sometimes with these two, it’s hard to imagine life any better than it is right now and tonight I feel so incredibly lucky and think that perhaps I can do this stay-at-home mom thing just a little while longer.


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