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A week of “lasts” is never a fun week and I have been dreading this particular such week for awhile now.  But alas, here we are… d-day or shall we say m-day.  The movers have come and gone and Olin had his very last day of school in Georgetown.  

Apart from all my sappiness, it was still a good week, a wonderful week, in fact.  It was hot and muggy, but we made sure not to take any of it for granted and to love every last minute of our time here.

Coming home from school on Monday.  Odette really isn’t into holding hands lately, except if that hand is Olin’s.  When we let her walk she will immediately say “Olin hand, Olin hand!”  And he, being the good big brother that he is, always obliges.


After completing the library’s summer reading program, Olin was given a gift certificate for Chipotle and was able to pick a book to keep.  His choice was “The Spooky Halloween Party”, in which one of the characters makes a robot costume out of a box.  Apparently inspired by his new book, out of the blue  Wednesday morning after seeing a paper grocery sack he asked “Mommy, can we make a robot out of this today?” and so that is what we did after school that day.


Just a picture of some of my favorite houses in the neighborhood because I am feeling very sentimental right now.

We have watched them restore the old theater in town for months now because it is on our way to school and they finally put up the restored marquee yesterday, which was pretty exciting for everyone.  We live in Mayberry, I tell you.


Someone is so ready to go to school.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get her to leave Olin’s classroom in the morning after we drop him off.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

 Okay, prepare yourselves, here come the lasts.  And I do know just how ridiculous some of these are.

Last trip to our DC Whole Foods with my little lady.  I am proud of myself for not requesting a picture with our favorite checker because that might be just too far.


Our last story time at the library.  The first time we went, Odette could not even walk and now she even opens the door for me.


Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

  Olin love love loves those very non-nutritious Luncheables.  And I love love love for him to eat healthy things.  So as a compromise, one morning each week, we stop by CVS on our way to school to buy a Luncheable for his lunch, which in our house is called his “special lunch”.  That day is usually Friday, but because they had a half day this Friday and no lunch, Olin got his final special lunch yesterday.  And he hit the jackpot too because CVS was out of the smaller special lunches and so he had to get the big one complete with sugary drink.  He has even mastered the self checkout at CVS and my only job is to swipe my credit card.  By the way, Thursdays are “water days” at camp which is why he is wearing his swimwear!


And finally, the hardest of all.  The last day of preschool.   I honestly have no words.  I will post some pictures from school and the rest of today separately because I think they deserve their own post.

It is days like today that I keep repeating that Dr. Seuss quote to myself, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Right now it’s not providing much comfort, but I am sure it will as we get settled in our new “old” home.

The good news is that our stuff is packed and loaded and we made the pretty drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a weekend of fun and relaxation with the little ones while our things make their way from DC to NYC.

I am writing this on my phone under the covers of our hotel bed as we are trying to be super quiet so the little ones will finally go to bed and it suddenly got very quiet in here, which is my cue to go to bed too.  And that is just what I’m going to do.  Sweet dreams and have a great weekend!



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