While our day in Amsterdam wasn’t my favorite of our adventures, it wasn’t Amsterdam’s fault.  Our little Odette was not her usual happy self, which I suspect was the result of some incoming teeth, but that meant that at the half-way point of our 1.5 hour canal tour, while trapped on that boat for another 45 minutes, Odette lost it and began to cry and cry and didn’t stop until shortly before we docked.

But, luckily those problematic teeth didn’t bother her the entire visit and we managed to have a lot of fun in between the tears.   In addition to our canal tour, we ate those delicious stroopwafels, window-shopped on the very fashionable Hooftstraat (where much to Olin’s delight, we spotted a Tesla store) and had our lunch on the lawn outside the stunning Rijkmuseam.  By the way, it made my heart swell later that night when we were telling Josh about our day and Olin stated that his favorite part of the day was our picnic on the lawn where he ran and played with his sister and not the Tesla store!

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The city really was charming and the weather could not have been more beautiful.  I am very much looking forward to going again some day (with Josh, of course) to walk around those cute streets, eat in the little cafes and actually go inside all those wonderful museums!


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