On The Day He Turned 5

Last month our Olin turned 5.  I always get a little extra sentimental at Olin’s birthday because I also think of it as a bit of a momentous day for me and Josh because it is also a celebration of the day we became parents!

We had such a great day celebrating Olin’s past 5 years of life.  We didn’t do a birthday party with all of his friends this year since he is at a new school and we weren’t quite sure if he’d know his classmates well enough a month and a half in and we also weren’t sure if big birthday parties were the norm for the new school.  Well, he is and they are… oops.  Now we know for next year.

We did make up for the lack of a big party with an extra special birthday present though, but not before we had a little fun with him.

Olin, of course, woke up in the wee hours of the morning, shortly after 5am.  Josh and I had decorated the apartment with balloons that happened to be quite possibly the flimsiest balloons on the market and so we were awoken by the sound of popping balloons.  (Our deepest apologies apartment 7C.)

I had ordered him a pair of jeans and some pajamas a few weeks prior and decided that we could wrap them up as if they were his only present to tease him just a little.

He was so excited to unwrap his present that he started out like this…


But, his mood quickly changed to this when he saw the clothes…


After a few minutes of playing along, I suggested that we go in his room and look around to see if we may have forgotten another present for him in there.  While occupied, Josh brought his real present into the foyer.

3 (2)

He was so excited.  And this bike is extra special because it is the exact same bike as Josh’s – sized just for Olin!

4 (2)

He couldn’t wait to ride it and so he did just that all around our apartment well before the sun was up.  Sorry, again, 7C.

56 (2)6 (4)

After taking his buddy, George, for a ride, it was on to his birthday pancakes.

8 (2)8

And then our birthday boy was off to school.

9 (2)9 (3)9 (4)9 (5)10 (2)10 (3)10 (4)

Does he look embarrassed that his mom is taking pictures of him at school?  And so it begins.


Later that day, Josefina watched Odette while Josh and I picked Olin up from school with his new bike in tow.  I don’t know that I have ever seen him smile so much.  He rode his bike around the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then all through Central Park.  I know this is a lot of pictures of him riding his bike, but the day was just so good that I didn’t want to edit anymore out as if the number of photos I post is directly correlated with my chances of always remembering this special day.

I am telling you, it was such a good one.  I would gladly repeat it a million times over.  And so without further ado, Olin and his bike…

11 (2)1112 (2)12 (4)12 (5)13 (2)13 (3)13 (4)13 (5)13 (6)13 (7)13 (8)

While this was probably not the general consensus that day, my favorite part was Olin and his bike bell.  He misunderstood the bell etiquette and seemed to believe that if someone was in his way, he could just ring his bell and they would move.  And so, he rode down that busy 5th Avenue sidewalk ringing away and luckily passersby were kind enough to move as he did.  We did explain it better to him once we got in the quiet park, but it was really funny to watch in the moment.

13 (10)1413 (12)13 (13)13

And God did not forget that Olin Burgher became the proud owner of a bike that day because we were blessed with the most beautiful weather – mid-70s on October 29th.  It was incredible.

14 (2)14 (3)14 (4)15 (2)15 (3)15 (4)1516 (3)

Since we were in Central Park, we had to get our big boy a wafel with speculoos.  And he found the perfect spot for his water bottle all by himself.

1616 (2)

And then we Facetimed with Grandma so that he could show off some of his moves.

16 (4)

Birthday wishes from Uncle Matt too!

17 (2)17

Gaining confidence, he tried his hand at “off roading”.

18 (2)18 (3)18 (4)

Notice the dirty shirt and knees – we were not without a fall or two, but they didn’t faze him and he got right back up and kept riding.

19 (2)19 (3)19

As we were leaving the park, he was sure to point out this sign to me.  I told him that when you are 5 years-old, just got a new bike and are really cute, you get a pass for the day and are allowed to ride your bike on the sidewalk.  But I appreciate that he is following in my rule-following footsteps.

20 (2)

And finally on our way back home.  By the way, that focused little face while he waits to cross the street makes me so proud.

21 (2)2121 (3)21 (4)21 (5)

Back home he opened presents from the grandparents (Buzz and Woody from Grammy were an especially big hit for this Toy Story loving twosome) and then to dinner.  He had all restaurants in Manhattan to choose from for his birthday dinner and he, not surprisingly, picked Shake Shack.

22 (2)22

Finally, his birthday cake made lovingly by that talented father of his complete with Fiat (one of the few missing makes from his car collection).

2323 (2)23 (4)

Five years later, I still can’t believe that we the lucky ones that get to call him ours.

Olin Joshua, we love you way way way more than all the numbers.  You are so special to us.  Thank you for being wonderful you!

P.S. Linus Bike, if you are in the market for a model for your next ad campaign, look no further because I think we found him!


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