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Normally I would be cheering for the short holiday week, but as our days are numbered in this beautiful city we currently call home, I am not wanting to wish any time away these days.  Particularly since what I love most is the rhythm of our weekdays beginning with our family walks in the morning and then the scooter ride to camp, my relaxing mornings with Odette, our family dinners and everything in between.

This was week 2 of camp for Olin, which he is loving.  The camp day ends at 2:30pm, which gives Odette and I a lot of quality time together.  It’s a win-win because Olin LOVES school/camp… always has, and because when Olin is home, most of my attention goes to him, I think Odette likes the extra attention that she has been getting while he is away.

Highlights of the week:

Lately Odette has loved, loved, loved to gallop.  I can’t believe I forgot to include this in her 2 year update because it really is my very favorite thing right now and I must get a video of it one of these days!  She gallops everywhere – around the house, in the grocery store, as part of her “dance party moves” and most recently, in ballet class.  This week marked the start of the summer term in ballet with a new teacher and Odette galloped so much in class that the very nice teacher finally gave up and had the class gallop rather than walk on their tippy toes or something else more “ballet-like”.

Josh and I call Odette nicknames like “little red” on a regular basis and now Olin has caught on, sort of, saying things like “I think the little red-haired one did it” when I ask questions like “who made this mess?!”

A chia muffin and iced coffee break at Le Pain Quotidien between errands with my girl one morning.  She ate most of “our” muffin, but look how much she loved it – it was hard to say ‘no’.


We had an intense thunderstorm here on Tuesday night that prompted Olin to crawl into bed with us around 2am, which I not-so-secretly love.  In addition to disrupting our sleep, that rain flooded our neighborhood library yet again and so we had story time outside on the patio in the blazing heat, but Odette didn’t seem to mind.

Dancing to one of her favorite story time songs… Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica (my body makes music)… <photo 1> mis manos (my hands) clap clap clap, <photo 2> mi boca (my mouth) sings la, la, la, <photo 3> mis pieds (my feet) stomp, stomp, stomp and <photo 4> the free dance during the refrain. Per usual, this girl was in it to win it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

    And bubbles… although at this point she was clearly too worn out from all the dancing and the incredible heat to move from her seat.  Other than getting up to take these pictures, I was right there with her.


Odette took her scooter outside for the first time this week.  It was a short outing – just around the block to the dry cleaners – but she did a great job.  She fell twice, but never cried.  And Olin was so sweet and patient with her very slow pace.



On the way back home, her confidence gaining, she got a little tricky as she mimicked her big brother’s moves.

Fall 2 of 2, but a quick recovery.

Photographic proof of why you should always listen to your mommy, like when she urges you to go potty before leaving the house.  Despite his “situation”, he managed to hold it, but I think Odette’s slowness was killing him!


Josh was in NYC for a night and although we missed him terribly, Olin and I had a great time making our favorite vegan pear and apple baked oatmeal, just the two of us, at the bright and early time of 5:45am while Odette slept to a more reasonable hour.  When I told Olin to get dressed and we would go downstairs to make said breakfast, he nodded and put on his “grown-up face” as he does when he feels like he is going to do something important and headed into his room to do just that only to emerge a minute later and ask in his all business manner “Mommy, are we going to need to wear our aprons?” “Yes, of course” I replied and he nodded with a sweet smile as if saying, “Yep, I thought so.”  We don’t always get a lot of one on one time these days, but, when we do, we always have a great time.  And, this guy is becoming quite the sous chef in the kitchen!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Odette has finally grown tired of Frozen and has moved on to Mary Poppins.  Now she demands “Poppins!” when we turn on the TV.  And when we got back home from Whole Foods yesterday, I turned on Pandora after she asked for “music mommy”, but when she heard the first song from my selected Ingrid Michaelson channel, she frowned and said, “No mommy!  Poppins!” wanting the Mary Poppins channel instead.

Top moment of the week for me was one night during dinner, while listening to the “Poppins” channel on Pandora, Do Re Mi started playing so we all stopped eating to sing it –  complete with the hand motions from the movie (even Odette!) – honestly, we never claimed to be cool.  And looking around the table in those glorious 5+ minutes I kept thinking to myself how lucky I am that these three are my people.  By the way, Julie Andrews is such a star in our house and at the tip-top of our list of favorites.

Happy July 4th weekend, everyone!


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